The Ontario Credit Union Charitable Foundation partners with credit unions in support of their charities and fund disaster relief through donations received through its CanHelp credit union branch system.

Key Elements of What We're All About

Credit Unions

Our Funds Come From

  • Ontario Credit Unions, credit union members, affiliated co-operative organizations, and credit union system suppliers

Our Funds Are Directed To

  • Healthcare – Including hospitals and healthcare agencies (such as Heart and Stroke or Canadian Cancer Society)
  • Poverty Relief – Supporting Out in the Cold programs, Food Banks and related agencies
  • Education – Such as programs for the disabled, financial literacy, youth counselling and the Co-operative Young Leaders program
  • International disaster relief (through credit union members and credit unions)

Our International Disaster Relief Alliances Include

  • Co-operative Development Foundation (CDF)
  • World Council of Credit Unions Inc. (WOCCU)
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • United Nations

Legacy Giving 

  • Capital Funds are entrusted with the Foundation by individual Ontario credit unions, affiliated organizations, suppliers and individuals, the earnings of which are used to support their designated community charities and support programs. Community Investment Funds are deposited with the Foundation by credit unions, co-operatives and individuals as a flow through vehicle allowing for donations to be donor directed to the charity of the depositors choice.
  • Endowment Funds are deposited with the Foundation and donated to donor directed charities over a set period of years typically not to exceed 10 years.

welcomes $50 personal memberships and lifetime memberships of $500. By increasing our membership and working together with Ontario's credit unions, we can make a world of difference and continue to champion community building.